We are a bespoke supported living accommodation tailored to meet your needs.

We are a supported living service tailored to meet your needs. we are convinced that the three basic pillars of our services are to Promote:

  • Independence
  • Choice 
  • Respect

in the effectiveness of proving personalized care and solutions or complexity you may have in finding a placement.

Our fundamental value is to cater for for clients with Learning Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Mental Health Conditions, Substance Misuse and Enduring Conditions. Elite Care Homes focal is to promote pathways to recovery by working in conjunction with mental health teams, Learning Disabilities networks, Drug and Alcohol support services and Probation.

We accept referrals from Hospitals, NHS, Commissioners, Local Authorities and Private Clients. Offering respite, temporary or permanent accommodations. Our service is personalized to provide required support needed from 1-1 support to acquired hours required 24 hours a day. We provide professional staff who are qualified, trained, skilled and vetted in compliance with Quality Care Commission.

Our Services


Elite Care Homes provide for individuals who have Learning Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Mental Health Conditions, Substance Misuse and Enduring Conditions.

We delivery Care and Support Services personalized to meet individual needs and requirements.

Access to our services are based upon the criteria of the Health and Social Care Act 2008 Regulated Activities and the Care Act 2014 therefore allowing service users to access a range of daily living activities which ensure their well-being and are necessary to remain independent and productive citizens.

Whilst we promote independent living our service is based on the need for assisting and prompting with personal care and support activities, which can include, personal hygiene, dressing, meal preparation, medication. Including any other day to day activities, such as, assisting to undertake shopping, domestic or laundry duties, assisting with benefits, social activities and escort duties to colleges, work placements and other community facilities.




Our primary vision is to provide:

  • Personal Centered Care
  • Promote a Healthy Life Style
  • Support Towards Recovery
  • Promote Choice and Control
  • Promote Independence.

Elite Care will undertake for all service users a full assessment of the individuals’ care and support needs from this a Service Delivery Assessment and Person-Centered Care Plan will be implemented. This will ensure outcome-based care and support is delivered that can be flexible enough to meet individual requirements.

Discussions with the individual, their family and where applicable outside agencies will be sought prior to the service being delivered.

It is possible that people’s assessment may well fluctuate and therefore a flexible service as far as is practicable is being provided.

Our mission and vision

We will deliver care and support based on individual requirements and a person-centered approach. We want to raise individual’s expectations of the services we offer and therefore strive to provide the highest quality of service.

This includes employing a dedicated and skilled workforce from our Managers down to our Support Workers.

  • Our philosophy is to meet these requirements to provide bespoke services in a secure and homely environment which are service user led.
  • We believe that in this way we can provide our service users with a unique service that is relevant to the communities we serve.
  • Service users can expect fully inclusive care support provision based upon values and needs. These being:

Privacy: The right to be left alone and undisturbed whenever they wish

Dignity: To treat each person as an individual with their own intrinsic values

Choice: The right to select care and support from a range of options

Rights: To be allowed the basic Human Rights as the rest of society

Independence: Allow each person to live as they choose making their own decisions

Fulfillment: Enable each person to meet their personal goals within their life

Partnership: To work with families and outside agencies in delivering best service

Our Mission

  • We succeed only by meeting the individual requirements of our Service Users.
  • We celebrate success through Teamwork.
  • We respect people as individuals and strive to continually improve the quality of their lives.
  • We will always ensure individuals are safe and have access to services that can help them achieve independence.


Our Goals

Independence, Choice and Respect are our goals.

  • Quality and Service are the words we stand by, and all our staff are trained to understand what this means and provide this continually to the individual.
  • All policies, procedures and codes of practice that have been developed will be followed every time the service is delivered to the service user, thus ensuring our statement of intent, Mission and Philosophy are fully met.

Service users can expect as standard the following:

  • A holistic person-centered assessment – Including a full risk assessment
  • Flexibility in delivery so that the service can respond to the level of need
  • Independence, Choice and Respect are achieved
  • Regular monitoring and reviewing of the service delivered
  • Recognized primary workers to ensure continuity and quality
  • Maintenance of well-being